Sumaiya is from Dhaka, Bangladesh, Jill is from Dallas, Texas USA. Got questions? We've got answers.

Monday, October 17, 2005

Jill - Our PODCAST is out!!! YAAAY!!!

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Keywords: Bangladesh, Dallas, Culture, Women


What are these? They're like 10-minute radio shows starring my friend Sumaiya and me.
To listen to them:
1. Click on the link,
2. Find the Podcast. You may need to search for "Bangladesh" - our show was the first four hits on that search - because we have 4 or more shows out right now.
3. Download the file.
4. Open the file in your favorite audio software like iTunes, Quicktime, Windows Media Viewer, or similar.
5. Listen to us. Yay!
6. Leave a comment about what you think, tell us what you want to hear us talk about in the future, and if you have a question, ask us! Seriously. Please!


Blogger Miss Knotty said...

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6:54 PM  
Blogger Miss Knotty said...

It's pretty cool, all the different ways that your lives inter-connect. It's like lace; it intertwines in places and has openings in others. The places where it intertwines create the framework, but the openings and gaps are what give the piece its dimension and distinction. That's how you and Sumaiya sound together. You have these areas where your cultures are as one (largely as they relate to the computer culture, i.e. online dating and your degree plans), and then you have these expansive openings; Sumaiya is Muslim and Jill is not religious. It creates a really interesting dichotomy, which makes the end result all the more interesting, because, despite your differences, and in celebration of them, too, here you are together in a room talking, and enjoying the other's company. Very cool.

7:39 PM  

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