Sumaiya is from Dhaka, Bangladesh, Jill is from Dallas, Texas USA. Got questions? We've got answers.

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


Hi! I'm a native Texan. Got any questions about Texas culture? How about something you're curious about in general? Or maybe you'd like some sort of relationship advice?
Just post a comment and maybe we'll talk about it in our next podcast.

Bye, y'all!


Blogger Sumaiya & Jill said...

Hi! This is Jill testing the comments.

3:32 PM  
Anonymous Jill said...

My name is Jill, and the coincidence I'm writing you about is QUITE strange!! My roommate of 3 years is named Sumaiya Meherin!
We came upon your show online, and freaked out. haha. It's a great show, and we're pretty funny girls, so we'd like to be in touch!
Take care and write back

10:27 PM  

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