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Friday, November 04, 2005


The comments setting was not set to allow anonymous people to comment, but I changed that and added the thing where you have to type in a word so spam-bots have a harder time. So, anonymous people can leave comments now.

Here are some suggestions for the next show that were emailed to me:

(The Bangladallas blog is configured not to accept comments from
non-Bloggers, so I'm emailing my suggestions...)

-- If your friends from high school or earlier could see you now,
what would they find most unbelievable about you?

-- Americans blow their noses in public, but the Japanese consider
that very rude. Are there things Americans do that make you say "I
can't believe they do that in public!"? On the other hand, are there
things that make you say "I can't believe they won't do that in

-- There are different social stereotypes associated with different
regions of the U.S. In Bangladesh, are people supposedly different
in different regions?

-- What's the best thing about the U.S. that's not available in
Bangladesh, and vice versa?



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