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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Jill - Winding Up

I learned quite a bit during this class. I learned that Sumaiya is really cool. And funny.

This was the only collaborative project I've ever done during my undergrad and graduate schooling - unless you count that time the Programming II class back at Manhattanville tried to cheat off me by copying my code. What they didn't know was that I wrote an extra program that basically displayed the words "I am a cheater. Please fail me" by concatenating raw ASCII characters. My professor thought it was so funny, he gave me bonus points. The rest of the class wanted to lynch me, but they couldn't really say anything, since it was true.

Anyway, this project was such a hoot and I owe so many thanks to Alex and Sumaiya and Professor Terry. Especially Alex who pulled strings to get us recording time. I hope we haven't made you too much of an outcast among your School of Management Peers with our antics.

I'm really looking forward to being in more classes with Sumaiya and I hope we get to work together on an animation next semester. How cool would that be!


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