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Thursday, November 03, 2005

More Podcasts Coming!

Woo-hooo!!! Next week Sumiaya and I are going to do another recording session, so you have lots of time to post your comments and questions here.

What would you like to hear up talk about? Want to know anything about us? Seriously. Ask anything. This is your big chance.

Here are some things we could answer:
What color should you paint your living room?
Do we have any cool recipes for Irish bread?
How about recipes for food from Bangladesh?
Would you like to learn a few words of Bangla? (I would.)
Want to see Sumaiya learn how to ride a motorcycle?

Remember: it's not too late!


Blogger Mukil Krishnasamy said...

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Blogger Miss Knotty said...

Phew! You ladies are getting spammed hard!!!

I would love to hear a podcast on interior design - what kind of impact does cultural norm have on home design and style?

This is really not a computer-like topic, but it would be interesting to hear about contrasting design style.

11:23 AM  

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