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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Sumaiya - Henna

As I said in the podcast "The Blabbing Geometry Teacher," I am a big fan of Henna. What is henna? Henna or "Mehedi" as is called in Bangla, is a natural dye used for decorative temporary tattoos for special occasions. It is a popular make-up in the Indian Subcontinent and the Middle-East.

Henna comes from the leaves of the henna plant. Many houses in Bangladesh, especially in the villages, have henna bushes around their fences. The leaves are ground into a paste which is used to make designs onto the skin. When the paste dries and flakes off, the stain remains for two or so weeks.

This is a picture of my wedding henna. Yes, I did my own henna! :) According to one Bangladeshi saying, the darker the henna gets on the bride's hand, the happier she will be in her married life!


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